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Now is the time for your Small Business to respond to global business opportunities in real-time on a 24*7 basis. Data storage is not just about how and where, it’s also about the speed at which data can be accessed to drive value in a holistic way.

Most Commonly, SMBs Use Servers For

Archiving E-Mails Dating Back 5+ Years

Increased Storage Capacity For Vigilant Backups Due To Increased Data Breach

Software Upgrades Or OS Demands More Storage

Backup A Variety Of Data Due To Government Regulations

Do Any Of The Following Ring True?

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Let’s Begin The Storage Hunt For Your Small Business!

  • What Are Your Storage Needs? Under 1TB?
  • Do You Prefer To Store Data On-Premises Or On Cloud?
  • Are Your Storage Needs Likely To Grow Each Year?
  • What Is Your Monthly Budget? Under $100/Month?
  • Decide On Your Hardware Budget If You Choose On-Premise. Under $500?

Ready To Consider Your Storage Options? A Frictionless Future For Your Data

  • Direct-Attached Storage
    On-site digital storage with capacities of 6TB. It is affordable, easy to install, and all you need is a single external hard drive. 
  • Network-Attached Storage
    Scalable in nature, NAS systems provide excellent data redundancy that can mirror data across multiple drives.
  • Disaster-Protected Storage
    Preparing for any disaster is just something that any business owner should do to safeguard business’ most critical data.
  • Cloud Storage
    Affordable, flexible and fully scalable solution that provides data access from anywhere where you have an internet connection.