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The Power of Leased Lines: Success Stories from Top Companies

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From Nykaa Retail to Sudarshan Chemicals to Fintech Blue Solutions and a lot more!

Leased lines offer a powerful solution with dedicated bandwidth and consistent performance that traditional shared connections just can’t match. 

Just like only a jeweler would know the true assay of a Diamond, only a true businessman would recognize the importance of a strong digital infrastructure and how transformative leased lines can be in enhancing operational efficiency and driving business growth. After you have gone through this article, we are sure that you’ll find great value in seeing how other companies have successfully implemented this technology. 

So, it’s time that we share some real-world case studies of companies that have used leased lines to tackle connectivity challenges, achieving impressive ROI and operational improvements. And as promised- by the end, you’ll be eager to see how leased lines can transform your business too. 

Ready to be inspired? Let’s dive in and uncover the possibilities that await your business! 

Nykaa Retail’s Telephony Transformation 

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Mumbai, Nykaa Retail is a leading Indian e-commerce brand offering cosmetics and personal care products. It features trusted brands like Maybelline, L’Oreal, and Lakme, and provides an engaging shopping experience with detailed product filtering options. 


As Nykaa expanded, so did the complexity of its operations. They required:  

  • Reliable, high-quality phone lines without call drops or jitter issues. 
  • Capacity to handle large call volumes without unanswered calls. 
  • High-speed, uncontended internet for seamless cloud application use. 
  • Unified service provider for simplified management. 
  • Robust security and user-friendly network performance monitoring. 


To tackle these challenges, Nykaa partnered with a trusted leased line service provider, implementing: 

  • Rapid deployment of over 30 PRI lines and Smart Internet lines. 
  • Each PRI line provided 30 channels for clear voice communications. 
  • Symmetric internet speeds optimized for cloud-based operations. 
  • Integrated Cisco DNS Security and unified management through iManage. 
  • SLA-backed uptime of 99.5% ensured reliability. 


The outcomes were impressive. Nykaa experienced improved telephony and internet connectivity, maintaining high customer service standards and supporting their growing operations seamlessly. Their IT team benefited from user-friendly management tools, resulting in improved efficiency across the board. 

Sudarshan Chemicals’ Swift Data Migration 

Sudarshan Chemicals is a global supplier of pigments and specialty chemicals. The company operates in over 85 countries with a strong commitment to sustainability and ESG goals. 


Faced with urgent data migration, Sudarshan Chemicals needed to: 

  • Move internal data to an outsourced data center within 7 days. 
  • Transfer SAP-based applications seamlessly. 
  • Mitigate risks of data loss, extended timelines, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 


Partnering with a leading leased line provider, Sudarshan Chemicals implemented: 

  • Comprehensive assessment and planned migration architecture. 
  • Smart Internet leased line deployment at three key locations to ensure uninterrupted operations. 
  • Continuous monitoring and thorough audit trails for secure data transfer. 


The migration was completed in just 4 days, ahead of schedule, with no data loss and uninterrupted SAP application functionality. Enhanced productivity and business continuity were achieved, with seamless operations and optimized ROI. Sudarshan Chemicals successfully navigated their digital transformation, setting a strong foundation for future growth. 

Medall Healthcare’s Digital Transformation 

Medall Healthcare is a prominent medical diagnostics chain with centralized data servers requiring constant, reliable connectivity across various branches. 


Medall Healthcare faced: 

  • Unstable internet service causing disruptions. 
  • Slow data transfer impacting digital processes. 
  • Lack of robust security features. 
  • Inadequate network performance monitoring. 
  • Unpredictable downtimes without SLA-backed support. 


A trusted leased line service provider offered the perfect remedy in the form of: 

  • High-speed leased lines with symmetric bandwidth.  
  • Enhanced DNS security to protect against cyber threats. 
  • Real-time monitoring via a user-friendly portal. 
  • SLA-backed uptime of 99.5% with dual last mile connectivity for failover. 
  • Scalable bandwidth options up to 1 GBPS. 


Medall Healthcare experienced improved productivity and operational efficiency, supported by reliable internet connectivity tailored for their bandwidth-intensive applications. Real-time monitoring empowered their IT team to proactively manage network performance, ensuring uninterrupted service and superior patient care. 

Fintech Blue Solutions’ Digital Leap 

Fintech Blue Solutions is an insurtech company revolutionizing the insurance industry with its innovative platform, offering vehicle, health, and life insurance policies. 


Facing rapid growth, the company needed: 

  • High bandwidth for digital operations and cloud applications. 
  • Reliable connectivity for a 500-seater BPO. 
  • Speed and stability to prevent disruptions. 
  • Enhanced cybersecurity. 
  • Real-time network performance monitoring. 
  • Seamless integration with existing systems. 


A seasoned leased line service provider delivered precisely what they needed. 

  • High-speed, symmetric connectivity. 
  • Reliable uptime with a backup line. 
  • Built-in security features for continuous protection. 
  • Real-time monitoring via the iManage portal. 
  • Smooth and non-disruptive integration. 


With a tailored leased line solution that included seamless integration and real-time network monitoring, Fintech Blue Solutions achieved remarkable gains in productivity and customer service. The solution not only met their current demands but also positioned them for future scalability and innovation. 


These success stories are just a small drop from the ocean of transformative impact of choosing leased lines for connectivity. By overcoming their connectivity challenges, these businesses significantly boosted efficiency, improved customer service, and laid a solid foundation for future growth. 

If you’re considering an upgrade to your business infrastructure, don’t let uncertainty hold you back. Discover the possibilities with a reliable leased line vendor who can tailor solutions to your specific needs. Check out our list of the best leased line vendors and their capabilities to make an informed choice today!