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Proven Performance in Optimizing Costs

2020 Gartner’s Leader Quadrant in SAM Managed services. "SAM managed services transform and augment existing practice to deliver cost optimization and governance discipline across software and cloud services".

We typically identify 30% savings in data center optimization projects, while also increasing sales for your business.

AWS Crayon Magic Quadrant

Cloud Migration

Crayon takes a vetted, best-practices approach to helping customers adopt cloud technologies. The process quantifies the actual costs and utilization of current on-premises resources.

It then identifies optimal future-state AWS placements, and helps you find the most cost-effective strategy to support planned AWS migration.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Through the Crayon AI and ML practice, customers are empowered through technology to modernize and optimize the way business challenges are solved.

A Crayon AI Envision Session helps companies leverage these innovative technologies to improve company strategy, provide data analytics, and help build AI-powered applications to innovate overall business practice.

Cloud Economics

Cloud Economics analyzes your cloud consumption and trends to provide a full analysis report including optimization recommendations.

Our team delivers solid governance to ensure budget predictability and better ROI. We typically identify over 20% savings for our Cloud Economics customers.

AWS Knowledge & Expertise

Global AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Migrations Competency, Windows Workload Competency, AI/ML and IoT Competencies, DevOps Competency, Well-Architected Partner, Immersion Day Partner, Public Sector Partner, Solution Provider.

Crayon is proud to be AWS’ Premier Consulting Partner and have access to leading-edge services and solutions to help businesses optimize their IT infrastructures.

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